Equador Niobium Project

Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil


Summit Minerals’ Equador Niobium Project is located in the Borborema Pegmatitic Province, in Rio Grande do Norte State in Northeast Brazil, in an area that is renowned for tantalum, REE’s and beryllium.

The Equador Project is located close to existing infrastructure, with direct access to energy and water, and has a road running directly to the project from a major local highway (20km away). Brazil is the world’s leading niobium producer accounting for 91% of Global active Niobium reserves and 88% of Global niobium production”



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Summit has commenced a systematic exploration program at the Equador Niobium project to defining initial priority drill targets

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Exceptional grades in Niobium Pentoxide (Nb2O5) and partial rare earth oxide (PREO) were produced in panned concentrates from pegmatite and sediment samples, including:

  • 303,400ppm or 30.34% (Nb2O5) + 15,130ppm PREO or 1.513% PREO. (SID 100/24)
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Exploration will be on focused geological mapping, outcrop & sub crop channel sampling, trenching, and pitting

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Experienced Brazilian geological team despatched to commence systematic exploration

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Field exploration program is ongoing with widespread mapping of new pegmatite occurrences, rock chip samples continuously being collected, and previously unmapped artisanal mines being located and cleaned out for further exploration


A pegmatite outcrop at the Eqaudor Project.