Juazerinho Niobium Project

Paraiba State, Brazil


Summit Minerals’ Juazerinho Niobium Project is located in Borborema Pegmatitic Province, in Paraiba State in Northeast Brazil, in an area that is renowned for tantalum, REE’s and beryllium. The project is less than two hours from the city of Campina Grande, which is serviced by an international airport, and in an area with the required infrastructure and skilled labour.



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Summit has commenced a systematic exploration program at the Niobium project to defining initial priority drill targets

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Exceptional grades in Niobium Pentoxide (Nb2O5) and partial rare earth oxide (PREO) were produced in panned concentrates from pegmatite and sediment samples at Juazeirinho with previous assay results at including:

  • 355,400ppm or 35.54% (Nb2O5) + 14,080ppm PREO or 1.408% PREO (SID 099/24)
  • 107,010ppm or 10.7% (Nb2O5) + 142,080ppm PREO or 14.208% PREO (SID 098/24)
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Exploration to include focused geological mapping, outcrop & sub crop channel sampling, trenching, and pitting (where appropriate)

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Orientation high resolution UAV (drone) magnetics in planning survey aimed at defining signatures associated with known mineralization which, in conjunction with the mapping and geochemical results can be used to define initial targets for drill testing