Hercules North and South Lithium Projects

Minas Gerais, Brazil


Summit Minerals is developing two key lithium projects, Hercules North and Hercules South, with a total combined area of approximately 19,510 hectares in the northeastern Lithium Belt in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The lithium packages comprises two project areas in the Araçuaí orogen, which currently holds Brazil's largest pegmatite-hosted lithium resources.

The northeastern portion of Minas Gerais holds the world's highest concentration of complex granitic pegmatites, producing gem beryl, chrysoberyl, topaz, tourmaline, and kunzite. The East Brazil Lithium Belt's lithium pegmatites are mainly within the Neoproterozoic Araçuaí Fold Belt, comprising metamorphosed sediments and volcanics intruded by younger granites. Lithium deposits are typically linked to pegmatite intrusions near G4 granites. Associated minerals include spodumene, beryl, niobium, tantalum, tin, and tourmaline, many identified by the Geological Survey of Brazil.


The projects, previously unexplored for lithium, were selected based on their prime location in Minas Gerais' Lithium Valley. Key characteristics include proximity to G4 granites, known lithium deposits, pegmatites, and lithium pathfinder minerals like tourmaline and beryl, as well as the presence of artisanal mining and leucogranites.

Several Hercules tenements feature artisanal mines with notable pegmatite-related mineral occurrences. Hercules North is particularly significant, lying next to a 1938 registered mining tenement that historically produced tourmaline and beryl from pegmatite. This pegmatite trend extends onto the Hercules North tenement, indicating promising exploration potential.

With the growing demand for lithium, driven by its crucial role in the production of batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. The exploration and development activities at these sites are focused on delineating significant lithium resources, leveraging advanced technologies and methodologies to optimize extraction and processing.


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Combined Projects cover approximately 19,510 hectares

  • Hercules North is approximately15,548 heactares
  • Hercules South covers approximately 3,962 hectares
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Project covers 18,519.44 hectares (185.19 km²) across 14 licenses in Jequitinhonha or Lithium Valley, Minas Gerais, where 85% of Brazil’s lithium resources are found.

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Area has a mineral rich history, with numerous artisanal mines within and near tenements, identifying large LCT pegmatites producing beryl, aquamarine, and spodumene in economic quantities

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Artisanal surface mining across all projects highlights priority drill targets for deeper pegmatite-related mineralization

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Initial exploration results indicate high-grade lithium mineralization, suggesting substantial resource potential, and ongoing drilling and sampling programs aim to expand and confirm the extent of lithium deposits

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Proximity to established infrastructure, including roads and ports, facilitating efficient transportation and logistics